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    Estimated CRSC Payment

    I am a 32-year retired active duty E-9 with 100% va disability. I was recently approved for 60% CRSC. I am trying to figure out what changes will happen with my pay now that I have this 60% CRSC. Note: I am also trying to submit additional records to get my migraines and TBI combat related. Any...
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    100/100 dod/va how can I get retired?

    Ok, so I am a little lost. When we got back from our last deployment in 2015, we got RIF’d because our Brigade was disbanding (2-16 Rangers... ) I was in the process of an MEB, but this took priority. I got a good severance of which I’ve paid all back to the VA. At this point I got 100% DOD...
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    National Guard Federal Technician

    I am member of the NG (17 years) and a FedTech. I am also 100% SC P&T by the VA. I was found unfit by the Army with an LOD and have to make a choice on how to proceed, either MEB or Retired Reserves. I do not want to go through the VA ratings again so I am thinking about choosing Retired...
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    Thank you!

    Just wanted to thank the creators and everyone on this forum. It has helped me tremendously! I have been very patient and positive doing my MEB process, and everything worked out better than I could imagine. I currently have a VA rating of 100% and DOD rating of 80% PDRL. I am very happy to be...
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    Help with a MEB

    I have 2.5 years of service in the Navy. I hurt my back in april of 2015 but never brought the issue up until later. I have been lld with 2 herniated discs(l4/l5 and l5/s1) and its pinching a nerve root giving me painful sciatica. I brought the issue up in november of 2015. I started my limdu...
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