1. jtansell

    Moving my family home early.

    Greetings all, I am wondering if anyone has an e-mail address for the PEB office of the Navy. I've called the phone number listed on the website and no one answers it. I am attempting to get a letter stating that I was found unfit and I am awaiting my VA and DoD ratings to come back. The...
  2. A

    Post PEB Deployment Delays from Waiver-Granting Authority?

    All, I was found fit for full duty with zero limitations in March of 2019 (Though I am unable to continue flying as my flight waiver was denied (Currently working on transition approval to drones), currently conducting a tour as an Air Officer/Forward Air Controller). I have been notified...
  3. A


    Good evening everyone! My Narsum and NMA got sent up on August 12th. However, after further reviewing my C&P Exam for my unfitting condition “Other Spondylosis w/ Radiculopathy” and “Chronic Pain”.. the VA examiner did a poor job. Does the MEB/PEB look at those exam results at all? Or do they...
  4. Y

    PEBLO not doing his job

    Good evening, I posted here a while ago about possibly being placed on a med board from a service academy. I got placed on the board finally (I think). I got placed on administrative leave without pay and placed through the IDES system because of prior service. The Naval Academy was quick to...
  5. Pricegoudaprice

    Admin Sep for mental health?

    Greetings all, I’m being recommended for a 2nd Limdu for MDD. I’ve been on a list of medications, have not missed an appointment and do everything as required. My psychiatrist changed my diagnosis to adjustment disorder a couple months ago and it seems my therapist and psychiatrist are in...
  6. 254wondering


    Hello all, I am seeking some guidance. I am at 4 yrs in the Marine Corps, I was diagnosed with spondylosis, herniated/bulging discs, Pinched nerves, and DDD (Which i understand is an umbrella term). Anyways, I went on like this for about 3 years until I got surgery which resulted in bone spurs...
  7. M

    TIME LINE HELP!!! [severance pay & taxes]

    Ok guys new member here but this place has helped tremendously. So Ill start with the basics. -7 Years 7 Months Active Duty Marine (E-5) Sgt -Got out of the Marines on TDRL -Injuries Sustained in Afghanistan IED resulted in ( MTBI) -Currently VA Rated 80% For combat injuries (Tinnitus, MTBI...
  8. R

    Possible Error in Medical Retirement.

    Hi, everyone. I am new here, but I have a few questions regarding a situation. It is kind of complicated, so please bear with me on explaining a few of the details. I joined the Marine Corps in 2010 and in the winter of 2012, I became depressed due to work and relationship reasons (I found out...
  9. Pricegoudaprice

    Therapist wants to refer to MEB, records question

    Good evening, I’m being referred for MH,to a meb Usmc. I’m seeing a lot of advice about keeping my medical records updated, which makes sense. They need to review my history to make a judgment. However, the medical record that I have with the unit GAS/or BAS doesn’t have a whole lot (as far...
  10. C


    Hello All! I was wondering if anyone can give any insight as to where I would be in my process I started everything in October and finished and got my PEB submitted in December. I have done all C&P Exams and reviewed my notes and the last time I talked to my VA rep she said that It has...
  11. C

    USMC Med Board Process 2018

    Med Board Process: -07/31/18 Dr put in for med board -08/01/18 Met with peblo -08/02/18 Met with Med Board attorney -10/09/18 Final VA appointment -10/10/18 Turned in NMA, Signed all addendums, C&P exams, and submitted package to PEB -10/19/18 Mol notified me that my medical board case...
  12. D

    My Timeline

    I have already had the C&P Exam. Had been approved by the MEB. I have met with my PEBLO to make sure my package was correct before it was sent to the IPEB. Informal PEB package was sent on the 26 of JUN. When should I expect to hear back from the PEB? I was diagnosed with chondromalacia patella...
  13. S

    Severance not being recouped?

    Good evening everyone, I just had a quick question and was hoping someone could give me some insight. I was separated at the end of Nov 2017 from the Marines with 10% DOD/80% VA. I received severance pay mid-December time. Jan 11 I received my first VA check for the month of December and just...
  14. H

    Screwed up, Where to go from here?

    During my IDES process, I was horribly misinformed. I didn't do my research and believed everything my PEBLO told me. This was no one's fault but my own. But as I transitioned out, with severance at 10DOD/80VA, I found this forum and am stunned by how much I could have fought to change the...
  15. Jason Perry

    Happy Marine Corps Birthday!

    To all those Marines out there, Happy Marine Corps Birthday! Enjoy the day and the celebration of your selfless service to our Nation. Here is a message from the Commandant: This is a great...
  16. A

    Protein S Deficiency

    Hello all, I was recently diagnosed with protein s deficiency after I encountered a blood clot in my left calf during a flight school in Yuma, Arizona. Years ago, while in the USMC I encountered a transient ischemic attack with no other symptoms and was subsequently issued a waiver to ensure...
  17. marioa

    My Story

    Hey all, So here is my quick, post-assignment to TDRL story: I was assigned to the TDRL for PTSD and Bipolar (which sucks) on the 30th of March 2015. I EAS'd as an E4 but was an E5 from 2010 to 2013 before I got busted down for not passing out party invitations (I'm not kidding)... Anyway...
  18. S

    Purchasing own Plane Tickets

    Can anyone tell me how traveling home works? I am currently scheduled to separate next Wednesday and my T.O and IPAC are not being too helpful. I am trying to purchase my wife and I planes tickets home and with it being a holiday weekend tickets are already selling out fast, so I would like to...
  19. Z

    Does MEB over rule admin sep for weight control?

    So I am half way through my med board and we get a new SgtMaj. He is threatening to admin sep me for not making progress on bcp, even though my duty limitations (for my spine) make it impossible. Is this legal in the USMC can anyone give me refernces to fight this?
  20. Z

    Does MEB over rule admin sep for weight control?

    So I am half way through my med board and we get a new SgtMaj. He is threatening to admin sep me for not making progress on bcp, even though my duty limitations (for my spine) make it impossible. Is this legal in the USMC can anyone give me refernces to fight this?
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