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    Hell soon to end

    1st LIMDU: November 26 2019 Referred to MED Board: December 7 2020 Referral to IDES: December 9 2020 VA Package Started: December 11 2020 VA Appointment completed: March 26 2021 VA Ratings Letter Date: May 11 2021 Sent to PEB: June 09 2021 MOL (accepted) Notification: June 24 2021 Findings: ...
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    Overseas timeline USMC

    Hey everyone I am going to post my timeline. Mostly, because its these forums, REALLY have given me a lot of hope and a place to vent and get info. Everyone is going through it and I am happy to hear that some people are successful, very sad to see other stories that are not. Also the...
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    I am being worked up for Narcolepsy currently and I have completed the blood work. HLA-DQA1*0102: Postive HLA-DQB1*0602: Postive The blood work confirms that I have the genetic markers. I haven’t had issues with narcolepsy till after my last deployment were I just felt fatigued all the time...
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    Home Awaiting Orders

    So I know it's a thing, and my case got picked for a "random review" after signing my findings that everyone says there's no timeline of when it has to be completed/done. I've read all the orders. I know how to get it, the forms, I've talked to my CO and he's on board if it's a possibility. My...
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    SkillBridge and the PEB

    TLDR: You can do these things!(mostly) Talk to your Command and SkillBridge POC Some of this information came from a Marine specific source, however, it should apply to most, and again, the most important thing to do is ask your POC! I used spoiler tags when directly quoting from sources to...
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    Navy / USMC

    Try to stay positive my fellow Navy and USMC stuck waiting. It sucks but we're in it together. What is the most recent PEB submission you guys have heard?
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    Timeline for findings

    If I sent my package to the IPEB on April 19 but it was accepted by the IPEB on May 3 do I count from the day it was sent or the day it was accepted? I've been confused on this. Thank you for any info you can provide!
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    Work up for fibromyalgia

    I have been seeing nurosurgery for my constant leg pain. I have MRIs of my entire spine and they day my bulging disc shouldn't be causing this much nerve pain. The doctor put in a consult to rheumatology to do a work up. Any one know the process and how the workup for fibromyalgia goes? I was...
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    Wounded Warrior

    My command is putting in a package for me to wounded warrior. Primary diagnoses is PTSD combat related is what I was told. Does any one have any insight into what this means or how wounded warrior is ran? I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Navy Timeline

    Does anyone know the current average timeline for Navy IPEB's? Obviously we were told 4-6 weeks, but that hasn't happened for anyone that I've seen. I am at 14 weeks & am still waiting.
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    Combat PTSD

    What are the special compensations to having PTSD related to combat?
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    Limdu for 2 separate issues

    I am currently in the Marine Corps going on seven years. I was placed on limdu for thoracic outlet syndrome and an injury to my foot that requires surgery. I may go on limu for PTSD related to the accident and from a combat deployment. If I am referred to a MEB for any of the three issues will...
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    PTSD from Fast Roping Accident

    I was involved in a fast roping accident where I came very close to losing my life. I need surgery on my feet from the rope raping around my foot somehow and saving my life. I will never fly on a plane, helicopter, etc. Ever again. I am an infantryman, and that is my MOS. I told the therapist I...
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    Claim closed but says bel

    Hi everyone, So my claim was closed on March 31 but it only says bel. Does anyone know what bel means in va terms.
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    MEB / PEB concerns

    I am Zachary I was active duty in the USMC from 11-16, mos 6326. MV-22 avionics technician. Once I separated I joined the AF reserve in March of 17. I do have a VA rating of 30% I did not file until I put on the no pay no points status - I had no intention of filing since I was HMX my time in...
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    Officer voluntary resignation pending -> MED Board

    Hello all, I'm approaching 11 years AD and recently submitted my voluntary resignation. I'm currently on independent duty near Jacksonville, FL. The request is currently pending and I'm not expecting it to be approved any time soon. I am now looking at starting a MED Board process due to...
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    Currently going through a meb board in the USMC. I will update as time goes on. Dec 28 2020 referred to med board Jan 4 2021 spoke to lawyer Currently waiting for VA exams now
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    Any advice on filling out the VA Form 21-0819?

    I'm trying to get ahead of the game, as I haven't been assigned an MSC yet. I heard they will have you fill out part of the VA Form 21-0819 when you meet with them. I was wondering about "Section 11. ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS". So, this part isn't a trick or anything correct? This is where I need...
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    Navy/USMC Med Board Help

    I'm Active Duty in the Marine Corps, and today I was informed by my psychiatrist that I was put onto a Med Board. We both mutually agreed upon it, as things have been getting worse and my mental health has significantly taken a tole on my performance. The PEB Admin called me yesterday also, and...
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    Process after you accept your PEB findings (USMC)

    So, you finally sat with your PEBLO and signed and accepted your final PEB findings.. Now what? See my experience below: Please ensure that after you sign and accept your PEB final findings, that if 10 days go by and you have not received your new EAS, that you give your PEBLO a call and...