va claim

  1. T

    LOD for VA Claim Reserves

    I received a memorandum in lieu of an LOD determination in my MEB packet. 'In accordance with the listed references, an LOD determination is required in order to complete the DES process. This memorandum is in lieu of an LOD determination IAW reference (c) to document service connection.'...
  2. C

    VA claim status is both open and closed

    I checked my claim status on today and it said that my case closed today. However it also says that my claim is open and gathering evidence. I called the va to try and get clarification but they were no help and told me that they mailed a package to my PO box. Anyone else have this...
  3. catherinemedboard

    TDRL is now 3 years instead of 5? Help!

    I am now a veteran who in the past few months have been placed on TDRL. Recently I went to base to get a new Veteran ID card since the old one had my married last name. Apparently there was an error in my card which scanned the expiration date to 2020 instead of 2022. When the gentleman at the...
  4. A

    Issue with NARSUM upon reaching VA

    Hi quick question for my husband here - while at the VA Appt's and going over his chronic diagnosis the physician found that his PCM included carpal tunnel instead of cubital tunnel on his NARSUM (same thing just different sides of the hand). Since this was one of the MEB-able conditions how...
  5. W

    Almost done (My Case Timeline)

    Hey everyone, been following the forum for a little while and I understand how frustrating and awful the entire MEB/PEB process is. I just created an account for the sole purpose of listing my entire timeline, in hopes that it will help someone. Please feel free to ask any questions. The first...
  6. B

    VA ratings says complete on IDES dashboard?

    I have seen and heard that you can contact the VA and see what ratings you got? My Peblo keeps telling me there is no update "for the last 2 months" but it says the VA ratings was complete 7 days ago. Can I see what ratings I got?
  7. H

    How to ask for higher ratings from VA (for non referred conditions)

    I was wondering what is the proper procedure for requesting a higher rating from the VA for a condition that was NOT a referred condition (So not a VARR for referred condition). I'm at the end of IDES, with a separation date coming up. When I got my VA letter it spoke about how the next higher...
  8. K

    "Pending Decision Approval" back to "Hathering Evidence"?

    I started the MEB process on March 31st and my claims went to VA almost 2 months ago. I've been checking EBenefits for updates and it just recently went from "Pending Decision Approval" back to "Gathering Evidence". Is there something wrong or does that mean it has gone back to the PEB?
  9. S

    pre- VA finalization process

    Alright, my case was accepted to the peb june 7th and have gotten no word since then. Yesterday on monday I called the direct PEB phone number in DC and they were able to tell me that my case is in the pre-VA finalization process to receive a fit/unfit memo and I should find out by friday. He...
  10. S

    Does this mean I am unfit?

    Hey, my case was accepted to the PEB june 8th and has said pending decision approval ever since. I've been trying to find out why it is taking so long because others on here seem to have gotten their unfit memo in a few weeks after it was accepted. Yesterday I called my regional office and they...
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