1. O


    FPEB help. Type 1 diabetes rated at 20 percent again, I have been to the hospital, and cannot stay in the infantry or go into special operations where I was headed to next. All because I don't have a'' restriction of activities''.I had a very strong case in my opinion for 40 and made multiple...
  2. O

    DTM-18-004 Revised IDES Timeline Change 1

    DTM-18-004 is the same as IDES timeline, except I have highlighted some key information on the IDES pdf..
  3. M

    Miracles STILL exist! (Anecdote/Inquiry)

    Hello Comrades, Developed Type 1 Diabetes on Active Duty in in SEP 2002. I met an ANGEL online. I was told by an AMVETs rep when I discharged--after looking through all of my service records--I WOULD ONLY QUALIFY FOR 40%, that there were no more ratable conditions in my records. FFWD...
  4. Jason Perry

    DOD Retention Policy for Non-Deployable Service Members 2018-02-21

    This is the guidance from the DoD on Retainability of Non-Deployable Service Members. While this is interim guidance, it potentially impacts all members with disabilities that prevent deployment. (Note that many profiles or referral to the IDES/PEB include a limitation on deployment). This...
  5. C

    Two Bum Ankles and Messed Up C&P Exams!

    Hey guys, Just wanted to get on here and share my story so that others may prevent themselves from entering the same situation. Back in March of 2013 I injured myself PTing on base (Severe high ankle sprain). I reported the the Naval hospital where they gave me an injection of ibuprofen and...
  6. Jason Perry

    DoD Financial Management Regulation 7A VOLUME 7A: “MILITARY PAY POLICY - ACTIVE DUTY AND RESERVE PAY 2017-04-11

  7. T

    Ratings in, now what?

    So I signed my ratings today I'm active duty USMC. I received 0% DoD and 80% VA. I am understanding that since I am receiving 0% from the DoD that I will get my severance pay upon separation and then within the next 1-3 months to receive my monthly VA compensation without the severance being...
  8. C

    DoD Rating Confusion

    Hi there guys! I know this has been asked, but I would just like to clarify as I am still slightly confused, and honestly don't wish to get my hopes up. I'd rather be happy and or upset now than later. So I've received my Proposed ratings, and while I am aware they are just proposed, I also...
  9. M

    NARSUM and Severance Pay recoupment

    So to start off, I received my NARSUM this Thursday and have one medically unacceptable injury that the Army will not retain me for (Right hip bursitis/tendinitis) and although I agreed with their findings, I did not agree with the way it was written. The NARSUM writer (at least mine) is not a...
  10. haewood

    Looking for advice with appeal

    I've been in the Air Force for 10 years as of next month and I received my ratings today; 10% DoD, 90% VA. I previously went through a full med board and was returned to duty about 4 years ago. Considering what's going on with me health wise, I'm surprised that they're only offering 10% for...
  11. Pyro

    DOD Ratings

    Maybe I don't get it, there are DOD ratings and VA ratings. I AM NOT looking for VA ratings, what is the DOD ratings stage 4 colon cancer with an LOD?
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