1. C

    PCM started MEB for headaches instead of Migraines?

    Hello all, So I just got my permanent profile printed off today. I am a P3 with the condition reading “Bilateral Intractable Headaches” has anyone else had this happen? If so let me know how it went. Kind of shocking.
  2. B

    Bipolar Diagnosis Rating

    I have been diagnosed with Anxiety, OCD, and BP II. I just did my NARSUM two weeks ago and Mental Health submitted everything last Thursday. Anyone go through something similar? If so, could you share timeline/ratings you were given? Thanks in advance.
  3. S

    Being referred to MEB for chronic migraines

    Hey everyone, I posted about my situation a while back, but I have more questions. I have been seeking treatment for migraines for about a year now to no avail. I have tried Botox, occipital nerve blocks, and a variety of meds with nothing working. I have 15-20 migraines a month, with about 4-5...
  4. P

    MEB 9 months in and NARSUM still hasn't been submitted, help!

    Long story short I'm 6 years AD in the Coast Guard. I was seeking care for generalized anxiety disorder and PTSD under one doctor that proposed an MEB be started due to my mental health status and toxic work environment in April, 2019. After this was started I was re-stationed at another local...
  5. P

    MEB Possibility?

    Hey all, I’ve been in roughly two years now as an O and I was injured a little around or more than a year ago while doing my job. Since then I’ve been prescribed a couple of different muscle relaxers and anti inflammatories for a bulging L5/S1 in my back that is causing sciatic nerve pain all...
  6. K

    Nov. 26th Deadline to reply to NARSUM: Please help!

    Will PEB find a condition service connected, if it is already rated with the VA? Husband is going through MEB, with National Guard. He has a 20 year letter and has 18 years as a Federal Technician. He currently has a 90% VA rating. He has been going through MEB for his knees (both 10% rated...
  7. R

    Fit or unfit?

    How often do PEBs find soldiers fit for duty. I’ve been reading a lot about how they qualify a person to be fit or unfit. But In reality do they keep more people in or do they deem them unfit majority of the time?
  8. R

    Possible MEB/ Congenital Heart disease

    Hey guys, I’m currently in the process of potentially getting med boarded for my heart. I’ve had two open heart surgeries before my military career. Upon enlisting into the military I told them I’ve had two open heart surgeries and they waived me in. But they didn’t dig deep into my civilian...
  9. S

    Recommended For Med Board After Psychological Evaluation

    Good afternoon everyone, I am currently active duty Army and have been in for 4 years. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder earlier this year along with anxiety and depression (which to my understanding were all categorized under bipolar disorder). Today I had my psychological exam and was...
  10. G

    MEB for Ulcerative Colitis - Should I wait to say anything until promotion?

    Good evening. I've been in the Army going on 10 years and was hoping to get promoted before an MEB was initiated on me. I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Pancolitis since Summer 2018 while I was PCSing to my next duty station. While on PCS leave I developed Pancreatitis from complications...
  11. S

    How do additional disabilities get added to PEB

    So I am more than likely going to be referred to a PEB here soon for chronic migraines. With that said, it looks like if my case gets sent to a PEB they will evaluate more than just what I’m being boarded for. Is this correct? I also have sleep apnea (with CPAP), depression, and anxiety. What is...
  12. S

    Have any Marines been found unfit for chronic Migraines?

    Ok guys I’m about 1-2 months from my dr referring me to a PEB if the current round of migraine treatments don’t work. At the moment I am taking propranolol, sumatriptan, receiving Botox, and receiving occipital nerve blocks. I have been having these for the past year and my doctor said what...
  13. S

    Can you be referred to a PEB because of adverse side effects of meds?

    I posted a slightly longer version of this elsewhere, but thought the length might have scared people off. Basically my migraine meds might work, but I gained a lot of weight and can’t meet pt standards due to shortness of breath with even the slightest it of running. Am I still looking at a PEB?
  14. P

    Genetic Disorder (Blood Clots)

    Hey everyone I’m new to the forum and wanted to see if anyone could help me out. I am in the Air Force and about a a year ago I broke my foot at PT and a few weeks later I ended up with a DVT in my calf. I was referred to a hematologist and found after blood tests that I had the prothrombin gene...
  15. Hawaii5-0

    NEW AF guidance-Med Standards Directory Sep 19

    Here is the New MSD (SEP 19) as well as 36-3212 & 41-210. I'm including the PEBLO/IRILO/MED hold forms just for your awareness.
  16. MattCollins7

    MEB/PEB Timeline YouTube channel?!

    This is something I have been contemplating for some time now but I figured I would get ya'lls take on it before I pulled the trigger. Something I have struggled to find, outside of this forum, was video based content on the process that is MEB/PEB's. I've been considering starting a YouTube...
  17. B

    MEB For Required Medications due to Cyclothymia

    So, I was diagnosed with cyclothymia (Bipolar Type 2’s little brother) and was put on Lamictal. The Psychiatrist who is a Major told me that I’d be put through a MEB because you cannot be on those meds and on Active Duty. She said I would get medical retirement because of that, did she mean...
  18. O

    NEW IDES Timeline 23 July 2019

    DTM pdf original IDES timeline pdf has key info highlighted for easier reading
  19. O

    DTM-18-004 Revised IDES Timeline Change 1

    DTM-18-004 is the same as IDES timeline, except I have highlighted some key information on the IDES pdf..
  20. S

    MEB intiated for Ulcerative Colitis, What are my chances of staying in?

    I've been in the Air Force for almost 6 years. I've had the UC for 4 years but I have never had a MEB until now. My doctor says there's a very low chance I'll get the boot since my UC is really mild and I don't have to take strong meds. However, I really want to hear from people who have...
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