1. I

    PTSD MEB Need help

    I have been in almost 7years. I have been diagnosed with PTSD from an accident when I tried to save a kid from burning in a car. 4 kids died. I lost 30 pounds Don’t get sleep Don’t eat often Nightmares Sometime I can’t drive. Can’t do flames I have no relationship to my family I’m married...
  2. A

    Navy MEB PTSD

    Hello all, any advice or comments on my situation would be very helpful. to start off, I have an appointment tomorrow with my LCSW who is going to be submitting my MEB package. As to this part, I’m wondering what happens from there? Is there anything I need to do? Where does this go? My referee...
  3. U

    MEB starting

    Hello, I just received word today about my MEB starting. I was disqualified for continued military service during the IRILO stage. I was given an LOD for my Ulcerative Colitis and Major Depressive Disorder while on active duty orders (I'm a Reservist). I am currently taking Remicade (for my...
  4. C

    Bipolar MEB in Germany

    Hello all, I am a long time lurker but this is my first post. For a little background: Been active duty Air Force for 7 years. Recently diagnosed with Bipolar II after a long run of failed medications. I have also had suicidal ideation and it has been terribly difficult for me to do my job...
  5. A

    Fort Belvior TL

    2019 18 December - MEB initiated for Bilateral knee pain 2019 30 December - Contacted by MEB representative in absence of PEBLO 2020 07 January - Attended Initial MEB Briefing 2020 08 January - Officially contacted by PEBLO 2020 15 January - VA Claim development Appointment, list had about...
  6. M

    Fibromyalgia AF Timeline

    I am an AD AF individual with a little over 3 years service. Long backstory to all of medical information, but I was on a profile for over 2 years due to an injury that happened on duty. Originally, I was being MEB'd for this by the DAWG, but they changed my MEB to be for my diagnosis of...
  7. A

    Rare Autoimmune Disease-HELP

    Hello Everyone, I would like to share my husbands story because his condition is pretty unique and we are going through a hard time trying to figure out what his outcome might be. I have been reading all threads and I think I have a good understanding of what’s to come. So for his backstory...
  8. K

    MEB Results NAVY

    Good Afternoon So I just received my findings on Thursday, 20 percent through Navy, and 70 thru VA.. I have been in for close to 16 years to have this. So I did have a question as I am going to fight this, When I see my PEBLO next Friday, do I just tell what I am doing or do I need to have...
  9. A

    VA Rating Step is delayed by 62 Days already !!!! Need Advice Please...

    I was referred to MEB in Oct 2019. VA Claim was filled on the 07th of Oct 2019. I got my unfit memo dated 10th Dec 2019. As of today (25th Feb 2020), I literally have no clue what is holding my VA Ratings. I have not recieved my 199 yet obviously. Spoke to my PEBLO, he said, he has no clue whats...
  10. W

    MEB - Health Insurance/tricare

    So from what I’ve been told you get tricare if you have a 30% of greater dod rating. But I was on tricare and I thought I read about a year ago they give this other type of insurance instead of tricare? Is there any recent medical retirees that can clear the air, is tricare for life still a thing?
  11. C


    Hello all, I just wanted to share my timeline with you all to hopefully share some info with you guys. 05/31/2019- Diagnosed with TBI and Migraines. 12/5/2019- PCM referred me for a MEB 12/18/2019- All signatures acquired for P3 profile. 12/23/2019- referral stage completed. 12/27/2019- VA...
  12. OverRun

    Active Duty (21 Years) Need some help on MEB

    Hello everyone. Looking for some insight on my latest and greatest. I've been diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder with Anxiety and Depression. I'm currently in therapy (EMDR) and taking two types of anti-depressants (SSRIs). I've been placed on profile and removed from my AFSC (Member is...
  13. J

    Provider got the wrong information

    I just saw the provider last week because my unit heard a false rumor of me having cancer. I went in and requested a MRI to prove I don’t and they asked why this rumor started. I mentioned that in the past I was told I may have cancer but it wasn’t proven and I didn’t show any symptoms after...
  14. L

    Gestational condition MEB? Don’t know what to expect

    Hello! I am a SrA 3 years in service and am facing a med board for gestational epilepsy. I became pregnant with my first child in July of 2017 and had my first seizure shortly after. At the peak of my pregnancy I was having multiple a day but was not diagnosed until after delivery in March 2018...
  15. B

    Clueless, need help.

    Hello all! So I have a timeline (sort of) of everything so far but I need some clarification. First, here's my "timeline" 12/11/2019- Psychiatrist helps fill out NARSUM 12/16/2019- PEBLO notified me about my code 37 12/18/2019- CC Reccomendation signed and submitted 1/10/2020- Case reviewed by...
  16. U

    Ulcerative Colitis, C Code? MEB

    Hey I’ve been in the AF Reserve for nearly two years. My first year and a half was spent on active orders. During this I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, symptoms started several months after being in. I am now on Remicade and have a LOD for my UC (and my depression caused by it). My...
  17. M

    AF 12.5 years - Psoriatic Arthiritis - Methotrexate 14 months, Enbrel 1 month, MEB pending per PCM

    Hello all, these forums seem incredible! I have been AD AF for 12.5 years. 6 normal Active duty and last 6.5 as an AGR (Active duty Reservist). I have career status in the reserves meaning I am setup good to at least 20yrs but on path for higher levels of leadership. I'm Looking to see if...
  18. C

    PCM started MEB for headaches instead of Migraines?

    Hello all, So I just got my permanent profile printed off today. I am a P3 with the condition reading “Bilateral Intractable Headaches” has anyone else had this happen? If so let me know how it went. Kind of shocking.
  19. B

    Bipolar Diagnosis Rating

    I have been diagnosed with Anxiety, OCD, and BP II. I just did my NARSUM two weeks ago and Mental Health submitted everything last Thursday. Anyone go through something similar? If so, could you share timeline/ratings you were given? Thanks in advance.
  20. S

    Being referred to MEB for chronic migraines

    Hey everyone, I posted about my situation a while back, but I have more questions. I have been seeking treatment for migraines for about a year now to no avail. I have tried Botox, occipital nerve blocks, and a variety of meds with nothing working. I have 15-20 migraines a month, with about 4-5...
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