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    MED board ??

    So, a doctor who I saw instead of my PCM stated they were going to put me on a MED board. To preface I have been on and off waivers for over 3 yrs for chronic pelvic hip pain. No doctor can find a treatment for the hip pain that actually works. It has been over a month since I was told this. Im...
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    In the process of MEB and got in trouble

    Recently i got pulled over for a class 2 misdemeanor. I was clocked outside of base because I was rushing to get into a trauma hospital inside of base. Not thinking about the action of my own and the potential of harming others on the road. I felt ashamed of myself instantly and was not happy at...
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    MEDBOARD Questions

    Good day you all. I greatly appreciate the input that people post in this forum. So I, as many of you, have been initiated a MEB/PEB. I am an Army National Gaurd Soldier on ADOS (Full Time National Guard Duty (FTNGD)) with 15+ years of Active Federal Service (AFS). My condition is a rare...
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    How do they determine the rating.

    Good morning to all, Can someone guide me on how they determine the rating for mental health. I thought I was being MED boarded for PTSD, but it's for MDD. Long question is, if my they rate me for MDD at 50%, do they even look at the PTSD. I just don't understand how they rate mental health...
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    I was referred to MEB for PTSD/MDD from civilian provider (with many physical issues as well), and the military Pysch said Adjustment Disorder

    Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with MDD / PTSD by a civilian psychologist. (medic for marines witness assaults & then the assaulters threatened much more serious violence as well with no reproduction by CoC), and when my Medboard started the Medboard Psychiatrist (without me seeing her, or...
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    MST: QTC Doc says member does not have PTSD and in "their opinion" it sounds like an adjustment disorder. What does this mean for my med board?

    I'm feeling very upset and invalidated. For backstory I've been an E4 in the Air Force and been in for 6 years. My MST was in 2021 and I did an unrestricted report. The QTC psychiatrist had me go into detail and my trauma and how it affects me today. A couple weeks later I looked at the document...
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    Onset T1 Diabetic Going Through MEB Wanting to be Retained

    Hello all, I am an officer in the Army Reserve that has been mobilized for the better part of almost 3 years, this last July I was hospitalized and recently diagnosed with T1 Diabetes, which I couldn't believe at first since I'm a really healthy late 20's Soldier. I was recently informed that I...
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    what do I do?

    USMC I just recently started my MED Board process 4 and a half weeks ago and did my paperwork for it about the same time. about a week ago I got a welcome letter from a PEBLO. I called said PEBLO to get confirmation to see if it was approved or not. The PEBLO said its still waiting to be...
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    referred to MEB recovering from hip surgery, need foot surgery

    I just got referred to MEB because I was recovering from hip surgery, and I also need foot surgery. I started progressing in my recovery through aqua therapy and my profile i have no longer applies with the restrictions that they put as permanent. What are my options here? I'm very stressed and...
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    Can I get MedBoarded for this?

    Just got my MRI results back, after having severe low back pain for a year. Some context: Injured it doing Barbell Squats at the base gym and it has gotten progressively worse since then. Physical therapy did nothing and a Radio Frequency Ablation made it worse. Impression: Mid Lumbar...
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    Bipolar II MedBoard?

    Hello everyone, I’m looking for a little bit of guidance or maybe insight on my current situation. I went to mental health on base about 3 weeks ago and was referred to the clinic where I had my first appt today. Sir said it seems I show symptoms supporting a Bipolar II disorder along with...
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    Vaso-Vagal Syncope (2022)

    Hey Everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I am starting a new thread for this as I am currently going through the process and plan on updating this as I go through it. So I am going through the Medical Board Eval for Vaso-Vagal Syncope and read on here most were successful with getting around...
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    idiopathic hypersomnia

    I was just curious to see if any one knows how idiopathic hypersomnia is rated by the VA. I know it’s a newer condition and it is neurogenic. I can’t find any thing in the schedule of ratings for it. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Seeking MED Board Advice

    Hello, I am active duty Air Force, and I have been in for a little over 3.5 years. I have been diagnosed with chronic migraines about a year ago, but within the last few months, these migraines have gotten worse. I have missed two days of work within the last two weeks. I have called the nurse...
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    Bipolar Disorder and how does it work with the Army

    So i was recently diagnosed with Bipolar 2 disorder and have been put on lamotrigine which is an anti convlusant. My behavior health specialist tried to send me to the hospital but because i was not suicidal at the time it did not go through. I have a profile that limits my ability to go to the...
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    Wounded Warrior

    My command is putting in a package for me to wounded warrior. Primary diagnoses is PTSD combat related is what I was told. Does any one have any insight into what this means or how wounded warrior is ran? I would greatly appreciate it.
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    MEB/PEB Guidance

    Seeking anyone with recent experience with the MEB/PEB? I'm just in the beginning stages I guess. I'm starting with a Profile and go from there. I've completed all C&P exams on the VA side following my deployment that resulted in being rated 100 P&T. I have ALL of my exam notes from the C&Ps...
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    ANG Member Just Notified of Commander Directed Medboard

    ANG member who is DSG and trying to get some guidance because my unit has not been very forthcoming. What are my rights, how can I protect myself, can I access the documentation used to request a medboard, what can I expect, and what is the proper procedure for something like this, etc.? I am...
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    Army Reserve 100% P&T (Medical Board Overview)

    Hello all, just some background on myself. I've been in the Army Reserve for 6.5 years as a Heavy Equipment Operator with one deploymen. I have approximately 1.5 left on my 8 year contract, with NO plans to reenlist. I'm afraid that been rated by the VA at 100 P&T, I will be seen as medically...
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    Will chapter 5-17 cancel out a medboard

    Hi I’m new here. So I was in the process of a medboard for ptsd. I’m in class for ptsd for 35 days and afterwards is when my medboard is starting. Well I was on profile for shin splints and a new pa called me and was like we can t do anything else for your leg, you can’t get a profile for shin...