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  1. S

    Korea Questions?

    I am currently in the army and stationed in Korea. I have had two P2 profiles for over a year. My PCM just gave me an updated p3 profile with a referred to MEB in the notes section. What time line should I be looking at when it comes to someone contacting me or PCSing to a WTU or what not? Also...
  2. L

    Lots of questions please advise!

    Long story short ive been going through the PEB process and am still currently. Both my Peblo and Attorny advised me to check in with them in the begining of July for an update on where my package was. I got a bit anxious and decided to call them a few days ago. My attorny said that my package...
  3. TDWilliams

    Last stages of PDBR??

    I just got an email from the PDBR stating this: We have updated your new address. Your case has met the board and is awaiting Service review. Cases are currently taking 24 months. Respectfully, Physical Disability Board of Review Am I at the last stages, or do I still have a ways to go...
  4. X

    Narcolepsy Timeline

    Referral: 01/04/2018 VA Claims: 01/10/2018 Medical Exam: 01/23/2018 Medical Evaluation Board:_____ I signed and had my packet sent to San Antonio on 13 Feb 2018. I spoke to my PEBLO on 20 Feb 2018 on the status of my packet because all of a sudden my IDES Dashboard now doesn't show my timeline...
  5. 1

    Average time for decision on IU after PEB

    My husband just received his VARR result yesterday, and as we suspected, his VA proposed rating remained @ 90% despite the fact that SSA had awarded him SSDI back in April (we understand that the VA and SSA rating systems are different). His disability will not allow him to have any gainful...
  6. B

    How long after signing NARSUM paperwork do I get my DA199?

    I signed me NARSUM paperwork I would say around 10 December. I haven't heard anything since then. I emailed my PEBLO and she said she is waiting on my DA199. How long does that take to get? Its been almost 2 months now. My AKO says that I am still in the Medical Evaluation Board Phase. I...
  7. O

    How long between VA ratings and DOD ratings?

    Last week I found out the VA had completed my ratings on their side. The letter has been sent but I have not received it in the mail yet. How long between VA ratings and DOD ratings are people experiencing right now? What is the next few steps after that. I really just want to know how much time...
  8. H

    78 Days since my case was started...still no fit or unfit...what could it mean?

    Last information that I got (no thanks to PEBLO) was that my case is listed as "QA READY." Calling the PEB allowed me to find out that I'm "Pre VA." This was all a couple of weeks ago. I'm up to 78 days now, and still no fit or unfit rating. Is this a bad sign? PEBLO continues to say "no...
  9. P

    My timeline. Full Pack. sent April 28th

    I found this board when I started MEB/PEB and it's been really helpful. Much more than other sites. I will try to share what I've learned from the board and this forum to help others stuck in the mess. I'm sorry for the commentary, I really want people to know how to navigate through this hell...
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