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  1. P

    Timeline Order - Navy

    Can someone please lay out the timeline, in order.. I am under the assumption that it goes like this: referred to med board meet peblo create list of claimed conditions with VA rep have VA exams of all conditions CO does NMA go over NARSUM (can do rebuttal or IMR) *here is where I get...
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    If VA says case is "with a rater" does this mean technically you have been found unfit? I have been told the VA rater doesn't view your case until AFTER the ipeb has found you UNFIT. Any info is appreciated.
  3. S

    NBSD IDES Navy Timeline

    I've posted a couple of times on the forum asking for help so I thought I would help out by posting a timeline. 31AUG20 Got call from MEBLO for initial signing of referred condition. 01SEP20 meeting with MEBLO, signed for "Military Treatment Facility Provider Referral. 02SEP20 received legal...
  4. D

    Navy IDES timeline

    Been in the navy for 4 years and have been going through a medboard for the past 5 months or so. I signed my NARSUM a month ago and it was received about 3 weeks ago. From everything I’ve been told, my odds of staying in are slim due to my diagnosis (bipolar II), the severity of my symptoms, my...
  5. S

    After C&P exam how long does it take to start NASRUM?

    It’s been almost 4 weeks still waiting for an updates from my Peblo. Normally how long it takes for NASRUM appointment after c &p exam? One of my friend got scheduled within 10 days
  6. J

    AFRC Active Duty/AGR IDES Timeline

    I was finally able to piece this together, so here is my timeline for my case: I am an AFRC AGR on title 10 orders with 8 years AD time, so my case has been handled by the nearest AD medical facility, Robins AFB, GA. 05 Feb 20 – Referred to DAWG by PCM 15 Jun 20 – IRILO Package (NARSUM & CIS)...
  7. D

    IDES Process Timeline

    I started my MEB officially on AUG 30, 2020. At first everything was moving along somewhat smoothly. After about 3 months of waiting for the VA to schedule my appointments (calling, emailing and leaving voicemails to my PEBLO at least once a week) I luckily met a 1SG who told me to call QTC...
  8. B

    Weird timeline, no PEBLO mtg

    So we are at Fort Bragg currently starting this process. My husband was finally contacted yesterday but not by his PEBLO. They set him up with a legal brief for next week but then also set him up with another appointment but not til the end of June with a physician who will explain why he is...
  9. G

    PEB Length

    Hey guys, I took a look on tricare and saw that my medical record packet is 500 pages long. Going to PEB once NARSUM is signed for P3s in foot neuroma and chronic pelvic pain. Both medical conditions are complications from previous issues. I also had 2 commissioning waivers for chronic pelvic...
  10. D

    ABCMR case number

    Good morning all, I recently submitted an appeal packet to the Army Board of Correcting Military Records, from what I have read once the ABCMR receives your packet they are suppose to issue you a case number or notification saying it was received and the following action they are going to...
  11. L

    Marine Corps Timeline

    Hey, Thought I'd share my timeline to help some of you out. My case was put on hold multiple times so my timeline up to the package submission is not the norm. Jan 2019- Start of Med board Apr 2019- QTC's complete Jun 2019- Med Board on hold for further evaluation Apr 2020- 2019 QTC's expired...
  12. Sethmeisterrr

    Fort Sill Timeline COVID (mine but also looking for others timelines as well)

    16MAY- perm profile 02JUN- PEBLO assigned 05JUN- PEBLO made contact requested forms to initiate MEB 13JUL- (was gone for some time for personal reason) Scheduled my QTC appointments 11AUG- Finished my Final QTC appointment just waiting on my NARSUM 02SEP- Got NARSUM back only thing I had issues...
  13. E

    Fort Carson Timeline

    Good afternoon everyone! Im excited that I came across this website since I am currently in a Medboard. My board was initiated mid Mar 2020 but due to covid restrictions. I recently got my Unfit memo back (23 AUG 2020). From this point on how much time should I expect before I get out (granted...
  14. Sethmeisterrr

    Does anyone have a full or partial timeline for FT SILL?

    I see lots of timelines for other stations. I am army and just wondering if someone who went through the MEB process at SILL can give me their timeline so I may have an idea of what mine may be?
  15. Sethmeisterrr

    MEB Timeline (COVID)

    Hello, Ive been reading a lot of threads on this website and the information is really quite useful! But things are a touch different during the pandemic so im wondering if anyone knows the General amount of time remaining after your last QTC exam? Frankly, I am eager fir the whole process to be...
  16. T

    Fort Gordon Timeline 2019-2020

    So far: 18JUL19 - Scoliosis found, referred to Specialist 10OCT19 - Referred to MEB by Specialist 10DEC19 - MEB brief 12JAN20 - PEBLO first contact 12JAN20 - Forms signed with VA rep 22JAN20 - C&P Exams notifications 6-9FEB20 - C&P Exams 9APR20 - MEB found unfit, Signed Narsum 14JUN20 - 199...
  17. R

    Fort Bragg Timeline and Terminal Leave/PTDY DA31.

    Hello everyone, I just recently signed my 199 and was wondering if anyone had an example of a DA31 with PTDY included on it they could send my way. I would appreciate it very much! my timeline: Ortho recommended MEB for labral tear in right hip Feb 20th 2020 P3 submitted same day. IDES brief...
  18. Crispy Bojangles

    JBLM COVID-19 Timeline

    Just thought I would create a post here to see if anyone else has a similar timeline. Hoping to hear news sometime in the next 30 days. I have 2 referred conditions and 26 claimed conditions. October 28th: Assigned to the JBLM WTU November 22th: Received P3 Profile January 16th: Received Email...
  19. R

    How are new EAS calculated by MMSR-4?

    I signed my IPEB findings April 2nd, 2020, have not received new EAS as of yet (April 29th). How will my new EAS be calculated by MMSR-4?
  20. R

    Signed IPEB findings.. Now what? (USMC)

    On April 2nd, 2020, I was called by my PEBLO to finally go over the IPEB's findings of my package. The VA rated me at 90% and DOD rated me at 10% for torn hip labrum which I had to get surgery for. I accepted the finding and did not rebut to go to a FPEB. It is now April 26, 2020 and i have not...