back pain

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    Possible DoD Ratings? Migraine, Back/Neck

    I am currently in the middle of the Med Board process. My diagnoses on my NARSUM are chronic migraines/headaches, Lordosis, Scoliosis, and Kyphosis (all with worsening curvature over the 7 years of service). I experience severe headaches nearly every day and migraines weekly which after many...
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    Another Fort Campbell Timeline..

    Hey everyone! I am barely starting this entire process at Fort Campbell, so I decided to post my timeline to help others later on and to get help along the way.. Timeline: Referral by PCM - 10 June 2019 IDES calls to make Initial MEB Appointment - 12 June 2019 IDES Initial MEB Appointment - 19...
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    Looking to initiate an MEB due to depression and backpain

    Hi all, I'm new here but I think this is where I post this. I've been on profile 4 times for my back. I had an MRI two years ago that identified bulging discs and disc degeneration. I took a full PFA last year after taking three in a row with partial or full exemptions. I've been off...
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    update MEB or ETS

    So, here is an update. A fast run down of what happened previously. Start complaining about back in 2015. Went on temporary profile in 2016 and had been on it til sept 2018. Had spinal fusion surgery may 24 2018. Sept 2018 temporary profile turned into a p2 profile but alot of the boxes that...
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    Looking for help

    Good Evening, So looking for some help or any assistance. A little background I have been in for 13 years now. My back pain began about 2 years ago. I have done Physical Therapy and have had MRI done. The results then were 2 discs bulging L3 and L4, spinal canal narrowing, and degenerative...
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    Hello, I'm new to the PEB forum. I have my first TDRL reevaluation coming up, I've been in several Medications (9 different pills day) for over 3 years. Does the TDRL Reevaluation checks if you are taking them or not? Sometimes I just take five or six of them. Not smoke, drink or illegal drugs...
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    Please help me

    The PEB first rated me 30% for my back but when the breakdown on VA side didn't match the PEB lowered it and made it 30%. I got hit by a car on base while walking I've been dealing with non stop back pain for 3 years I've had 2 back surgeries all while on active duty. My overall percentage...
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    Help! Not sure what step I'm at?

    Short and sweet: Code 37 since 7 Dec 16, no further updates at all. What should I do/expect? Detailed version: My PCM stated I would be undergoing an MEB and likely be found unfit for duty. I am okay with that and understand "most" of the process. Yet, it appears I'm stuck in limbo or...
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    V.A. Doctor Lying

    I received an exam for lower back pain. MRI showed stenosis. Doctor said I bent over to pick something up on the way out, and bent further than during exam. This is a lie. What can be done? What happens when future examiners see this? In general, they minimize my pain issues even though I have...
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