1. I

    Less likely than not.

    Good morning Ladies and Gents, Recently completed my C&P exams and have all the boxes checked that is needed for good ratings, however within the VA notes the examiner it states Less likely than not (though it didn't exist prior to service, the disease I currently have hasn't been related to...
  2. J

    TBI C&P question

    Hello all, I recently had my C&P for a TBI and I want to stay proactive and be prepared in case I do not agree with my NARSUM. My question is do migraines get added to the TBI percentage rating or do migraines get rated separately...
  3. R

    ROM based on initial, repetitive use, or flare-up degrees?

    I just received my C&P exam results. Despite their being numerous issues with the wrong extremity noted, incorrect ROMs, etc..., I am wondering if the VA uses the ROM measurements from the initial measurements, after repetitive use measurements, or the flare-up measurements? Anyone know? TIA
  4. aliceaje

    So Conflicting EMG Exams on Referred condition... Reassure me please.

    Ok, so did me PSO C&P this past Mon, and did my PHY C&P this morning. During this morning's exam, as she was going through the various statements by doctors, profiles, etc, she noted that a military doctor at BAMC gave me a EMG that came back normal, which contradicted my primary Neurologists'...
  5. E

    MEB for Bipolar II disorder

    I was told I may get Medically retired do to my MEB being 2 different diagnoses but they took one diagnose off and just Med boarding me for Bipolar II disorder. So now may get medically separated but its still possible that i get medically retired. What should I expect? I finished both my C&P...
  6. B

    C&P Exam Tomorrow. Any advice on ROM most appreciated.

    Colleagues - -My MEB conditions are: Low Back Pain, Lumbar Spondylosis, and Degenerative Disk Disease. Steroid injections for years, herniated discs, etc etc. -I went to a CP a few weeks ago. No words to describe it - complaint filed with QTC. -Out of the blue, QTC calls me with a new CP exam...
  7. C

    Shoulder MEB Range of Motion

    I am getting an MEB for my left shoulder which I have had two surgeries on. The exact diagnosis on my 3947 is Acromioclavicular Arthritis, Left Shoulder (diagnosed by the QTC/VA Medical DBQ Examiner as Acromioclavicular Osteoarthritis and Multiple Surgical Procedures including Left Distal...
  8. jeremymays92

    Question on TDRL Re-Exam & VA C&P Exam Process?

    I just received a phone call that I am being scheduled for a 2nd VA C&P Exam on February 22nd. Just 3 weeks ago I was re-evaluated for the 1st time by the Air Force since I was placed on TDRL. The Doctor told me their recommendation and that it was to remain at 100%, permanent retirement and...
  9. C

    Two Bum Ankles and Messed Up C&P Exams!

    Hey guys, Just wanted to get on here and share my story so that others may prevent themselves from entering the same situation. Back in March of 2013 I injured myself PTing on base (Severe high ankle sprain). I reported the the Naval hospital where they gave me an injection of ibuprofen and...
  10. S

    Wrong to contact QTC provider?

    I just had a quick question. A little back story first to help understand it better. I am being med board from the Marine Corps and I had my C&P exam in mid March. Everything was moving smoothly up until this point. I had 3 different C&P exams with the last one being Completed on March 22. My...
  11. D

    Can anyone help me with my C&P and NARSUM reports?

    I've had my reports for a while, and I have a ton of questions. I've posted in this forum twice with no response, and I'm really just needing some help. I can provide any information that may be needed.
  12. P

    QTC, C&P, NARSUM, MEB, TBI, Mental Health

    Quick question. Does the NARSUM Doctor not develop the mental health portion? He said that he doesn't know about my mental health issues. Also, does the mental health handle TBI? For my QTC's, mental health covered my anxiety and TBI. Would they be responsible for that part of the NARSUM?
  13. Pyro

    Intent to File

    I submitted an intent to file last September before I got the ball rolling for my claim. In the last 4 months, I was finally submitted to the IDES process for my condition. It will be disqualifying and I do have an LOD for the condition. I was scheduled for 1 C&P exam this Friday, however, I...
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