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    Navy / USMC

    Try to stay positive my fellow Navy and USMC stuck waiting. It sucks but we're in it together. What is the most recent PEB submission you guys have heard?
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    Timeline for findings

    If I sent my package to the IPEB on April 19 but it was accepted by the IPEB on May 3 do I count from the day it was sent or the day it was accepted? I've been confused on this. Thank you for any info you can provide!
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    Navy Timeline

    Does anyone know the current average timeline for Navy IPEB's? Obviously we were told 4-6 weeks, but that hasn't happened for anyone that I've seen. I am at 14 weeks & am still waiting.
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    Navy ipeb findings

    I know there are some people regularly posting about waiting on their navy ipeb findings. Does anyone know any people who have received their results at their command or in the forum, and if so how long did it take them? I've heard it's taking some people 10-12 weeks, some 12-14 weeks, and...
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    Good news

    Someone give some good news! Anyone know the average time line right now for Navy/Marine ipeb results?
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    Good news

    Someone give some good news! Anyone know the average time line right now for Navy/Marine ipeb results?
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    IPEB results?

    Anyone that sent their stuff to the ipeb in May get their results back yet? I heard they are starting to catch up on the backlog
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    Timeline Order - Navy

    Can someone please lay out the timeline, in order.. I am under the assumption that it goes like this: referred to med board meet peblo create list of claimed conditions with VA rep have VA exams of all conditions CO does NMA go over NARSUM (can do rebuttal or IMR) *here is where I get...
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    If VA says case is "with a rater" does this mean technically you have been found unfit? I have been told the VA rater doesn't view your case until AFTER the ipeb has found you UNFIT. Any info is appreciated.
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    Fit / Unfit Finding

    Thank you for the feedback in my previous post - I may not have worded my question correctly. I read on an old post from March of 2020 that, "when you see 2 claims on one closed and one opened this means the VA has finished your proposed ratings which basically means you were found...
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    PEB Status Help

    Good Morning All, For some background, I'm going through the IDES process, and my timeline thus far is roughly as follows: Referral - End of November 2020 IDES Counseling - December 2020 VA Exams - February 2021 Received NARSUM - March 2021 I'm now currently in the IPEB stage of the process...
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    80% Combined DOD + 100%VA - Question.

    Received DA 199 yesterday. From the DOD I am receiving: *Behavioral Health= 70% (TRDL) by law *Migraines= 30% (Permanent) Combined= 80% (TRDL) + available for CRSC. VA Ratings Proposed: (unsure of it its P&T since nothing was mentioned in their Proposed ratings except the Educational Benefits...
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    IPEB Vote?

    Hey everyone, current AD Army here. I’m currently in the PEB process and I had sent an email to my PEBLO asking where I was sitting at and she informed me that my case is currently on vote 1. I feel like this is something I should know but I’m at a loss. What does this mean?
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    Coast Guard Case Timeline

    I am posting my Med-board timeline here to compare with other peoples timelines and hopefully get a clearer answer than what I have gotten from the PSD-MED Receipt of medboard - 11/21/19 Adjudication complete - 4/30/20 Findings - 05/04/20 I returned 4808 (after I messed up one of the boxes...
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    LDES (Legacy) My timeline

    Hi all, I wanted to put my time line here for those of you currently going through LDES just so you have a spot to conversate about it and or ask questions, I may be looking in the incorrect locations on the forum, however I have been unable to find others timelines who are going through similar...
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    Received IPEB Back Jan-03-2020

    Hello, I recently found this forum looking for help. I have been keeping a log of my Medical board status. BLUF: Can I have someone take a look at my IPEB that I just received today? 70%-Permanent-PTSD. Background: I was an Active duty Ranger in SOCOM for 3x deployments from 2011-2016. I...
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    IPEB Unfit. 14.5yrs USAFR fighting to stay in. What gives?

    Long story short: Was in Army National Guard, head injury in Iraq, Join Air Force Reserve, VA 70% awarded, WPAFB eval, unfit - no Pay no points, ARFC- unfit, IPEB- unfit. I want to stay in. I was an Army NG Infantryman from Sep 2004-Sep 2010. MOB'd to Iraq 2008-2009, exposed to concussive blast...
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    Class Action Law Suit

    Is there anyone here that is willing to be included and help to start a Class Action Law Suit against the DOD, USAF, Army ext to include active duty and reserve component members that have been denied their legal rights under the corrupt medical board system. With the vast number of people on...
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    Hello PEB forum, I need your assistance! On TDRL received DA199 for PDRL

    About me: 26 year AFS, medically retired, receiving retirement,and CRDP ;) BLUF: Even though VA rates my PTSD at 70% P&T since 2017, I just received my TDRL 199 with a suggested DoD PDRL at 60% - same as when initially placed on TDRL. I have discussed with the Office of Soldiers counsel...
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    Info for those with TMJD or TMD (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction)

    Hi to everyone! I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong forum. I decided to do this thread due to not finding anyone or at least me not finding anything for TMJ cases for MEB/PEB around the site. I know how it feels to stress and rev up the anxiety in doing the whole process and the long...