line of duty

  1. Z

    Line of Duty LOD

    Ok long story short. Was active duty for 7 years.(2007 - 2014) First year in I start having major random panic attacks. I thought I was having a heart attack because I had never had a panic attack before. I worked on ejection seats which involved explosive maintenance. I would try for years to...
  2. U

    Need Much Help for MEB/PEB in NG

    I am new to the forum. Sorry if my post goes back and fourth between topics. There seems to be a lot of knowledge here and I hope I can get some direction/answers. Thanks to all of you who read and advise me. I am currently a member of the NG (17 Years) and have been referred to the MEB. I...
  3. N

    Former Active duty in National Guard

    Hey, guys! I have been searching on the forum for some information in hopes there may be one similar to mine. Here's my story: I was in the Active Army for 6 years and went straight into the National Guard. Prior to being released from active duty (during ACAP), we were informed on filing for VA...
  4. msHampton

    This seems to be an illegitimate explanation of LODs

    I received this email today from my medical station that is processing my LOD appeal. This does not seem to be legitimate as I have NEVER heard of active duty medical record being considered "administrative LOD". It seems like they are trying to bypass me from going through an MEB and trying to...
  5. Jason Perry

    DoDI 1241.01 Reserve Component (RC) LOD Determination for Medical Treatments and INCAP Pay April 19, 2016

    This DoDI 1241.01 is a reissuance of the previous DoD Directive 1241.01. It is a significant update and clarifies when a member will be retained or returned to active duty for treatment and DES processing. It also contains significant updates for INCAP pay.
  6. msHampton

    Unsure on next steps to take when unjustifiably denied an LOD

    I have been denied an LOD with the remarks of "Existed prior to Service - LOD N/A." However the DOD Instruction 1332.18 Prior service impairment covers this portion of my claim due to me being a prior service member. I have an extensive medical record during my active duty term where I...
  7. F

    In the Army Reserves, facing shoulder replacement. Already VA service connected.

    I apologize as I'm not sure where to post this. I'm facing shoulder joint replacement surgery 20151105. I have almost 19 "good" years in the Army Reserves. Can someone advise as to whether a joint replacement is automatic for removal from the Army Reserves? I simply want to make it to my 20...
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