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    Navy / USMC

    Try to stay positive my fellow Navy and USMC stuck waiting. It sucks but we're in it together. What is the most recent PEB submission you guys have heard?
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    IDES Timeline

    Hi y'all, this is my current timeline with the PEB process thus far. 29JUL2021 - referred to MEB 10AUG2021 - NPQ chit issued for removal from Nuclear Pipeline 20AUG2021 - C&P exams scheduled 03SEP2021 - C&P exams completed 13SEP2021 - C&P exams uploaded 15SEP2021 - Doctor wrote and signed...
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    Timeline for findings

    If I sent my package to the IPEB on April 19 but it was accepted by the IPEB on May 3 do I count from the day it was sent or the day it was accepted? I've been confused on this. Thank you for any info you can provide!
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    Navy Timeline

    Does anyone know the current average timeline for Navy IPEB's? Obviously we were told 4-6 weeks, but that hasn't happened for anyone that I've seen. I am at 14 weeks & am still waiting.
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    Navy ipeb findings

    I know there are some people regularly posting about waiting on their navy ipeb findings. Does anyone know any people who have received their results at their command or in the forum, and if so how long did it take them? I've heard it's taking some people 10-12 weeks, some 12-14 weeks, and...
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    Good news

    Someone give some good news! Anyone know the average time line right now for Navy/Marine ipeb results?
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    Good news

    Someone give some good news! Anyone know the average time line right now for Navy/Marine ipeb results?
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    My Timeline

    Good afternoon, Here is my timeline for the IDES process with 2 referred conditions. I started almost exactly when everything shut down for COVID and it seemed for awhile my case was always at the bottom of the pile because I have seen dozens of servicemembers pass me both on here and at my...
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    IPEB results?

    Anyone that sent their stuff to the ipeb in May get their results back yet? I heard they are starting to catch up on the backlog
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    Navy PTSD timeline, 6100/5 submitted

    Hello All, I've recently been referred to MEB for chronic PTSD and OCD. I've been told to expect retirement; however, PEB could take anywhere from 6 to 18 months. So far, I have not been in touch with a PEBLO, but I have received notification that I have the new ACC code reflecting my pending...
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    Timeline Order - Navy

    Can someone please lay out the timeline, in order.. I am under the assumption that it goes like this: referred to med board meet peblo create list of claimed conditions with VA rep have VA exams of all conditions CO does NMA go over NARSUM (can do rebuttal or IMR) *here is where I get...
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    If VA says case is "with a rater" does this mean technically you have been found unfit? I have been told the VA rater doesn't view your case until AFTER the ipeb has found you UNFIT. Any info is appreciated.
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    Fit / Unfit Finding

    Thank you for the feedback in my previous post - I may not have worded my question correctly. I read on an old post from March of 2020 that, "when you see 2 claims on one closed and one opened this means the VA has finished your proposed ratings which basically means you were found...
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    Navy IDES timeline

    Been in the navy for 4 years and have been going through a medboard for the past 5 months or so. I signed my NARSUM a month ago and it was received about 3 weeks ago. From everything I’ve been told, my odds of staying in are slim due to my diagnosis (bipolar II), the severity of my symptoms, my...
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    IDES/VA Attorney options

    Hello PEB forum, I am new to the forum and would like to reach out for some help from the group. I am trying to find a IDES/VA attorney as I do not wish to use the counsel provided by the MED board office at the naval hospital for lack of confidence in the process and incentive for them. I...
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    Article 92 during IDES need help

    Before I start I want to say that I have already talked to lawyers at the DSO and they have told me they are unsure about my case since it is unique. I started my medboard back in July just recently finished my c&p exams back in October. In early September I tested positive on urinalysis for thc...
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    LIMDU for Chronic Vertigo and Possible Meniere's disease

    I'm not really sure how to start this so I'm just going to dive in. I have been AD Navy for about 4 years and I have loved it. I deployed and I had the best experiences of my life. About 8 months ago, I started experiencing ear pain and dizziness that has now led to chronic vertigo (1-2 episodes...
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    Any advice on filling out the VA Form 21-0819?

    I'm trying to get ahead of the game, as I haven't been assigned an MSC yet. I heard they will have you fill out part of the VA Form 21-0819 when you meet with them. I was wondering about "Section 11. ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS". So, this part isn't a trick or anything correct? This is where I need...
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    What are my options? (Navy Reserve)

    I'm a drilling Navy Reservist. I am currently 80% service connected with 16 good years (17 in September) with almost 5 active. I received my rating a couple years ago and had notated such on my PHA's. Apparently it was glanced over until now. My last PHA was done in March. I received orders to...
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    Navy/USMC Med Board Help

    I'm Active Duty in the Marine Corps, and today I was informed by my psychiatrist that I was put onto a Med Board. We both mutually agreed upon it, as things have been getting worse and my mental health has significantly taken a tole on my performance. The PEB Admin called me yesterday also, and...