1. L

    Possibility of being found unfit

    My LDES package got sent to DC today and I’m trying to be found unfit, what do you think the possibility is? Background: 3 years of treatment with no outcome for lumbar spondlysis, facet arthritis and stenosis in the lumbar region, not a candidate for spinal fusion due to my age. I’m to young...
  2. T

    TDRL Message Questions

    So this is my first post and I'm assuming this question has been asked before but I can't seem to find an exact answer. I have signed my paperwork to medically retire with 70/70 VA and DOD respectively. Now that this is over, I have zero idea of what is supposed to happen next. I have been...
  3. T

    Recent BP2 Diagnosis

    I was diagnosed earlier this year with MDD. After being hospitalized and inpatient for almost a week, I was placed on a LIMDU status. However, recently my civilian psychiatrist diagnosed me with Bipolar 2 and my therapist has also concurred with the diagnosis. Pdoc put me on Lamictal and kept...
  4. T

    Navy IDES Timeline - NBK Bremerton

    Hello all, I'll post my timeline thus far and a bit of background information. Hopefully it helps someone out. Referred conditions: Migraine headaches, PTSD, Unspecified Anxiety Disorder September 2018 - Med Board initiated. February 2019 - NARSUM completed and package sent off to DOD...
  5. N

    MEB personal statement

    Hello everyone, I have just started the whole MEB process two weeks ago. I met with my attorney and he informed me not to write a personal statement. I then attended a DTAPS class where they told all of us that we should submit a personal statement after they found out most of our attorneys...
  6. A

    Diagnosed with Celiac only in Navy 1 year

    Background: I'm in CTI A school, graduating soon. A little over a year in the Navy. Just recently diagnosed with Celiac disease and referred for a PEB. I've had labs, seen several nutritionists and done an endoscopy as well. I do not eat in military facilities, I have BAS paperwork in the works...
  7. J

    Help with TDRL re evaluation

    Does anyone know who to contact to get your TDRL revaluation pushed up for Navy?
  8. C

    PEB was closed, 2 months till EAOS

    My PEB was closed and I'm 2 months to my EAOS, the MEB itself took well over 8 months and it has been frustrating. I am getting a required surgery in Feb for my referring condition (crohns) and the ersonnel would like to speak to me on monday. I'm fairly certain they will advise me against...
  9. K

    Navy Timeline | Spinal Fusion + PTSD

    I hope this information is helpful to some of you going through the process. I have been plodding through the process, but it seems to be moving along relatively quickly. I was initially referred to MEB/PEB for my spinal fusion and the PTSD was added during the MEB before my package was sent...
  10. L

    Possible admin sep questions

    Hey guys, just looking for some advice from those with experience. So i went to see the clinic psychologist about a week ago for anxiety, its been going on for about 4-5 years now and could be related to ptsd, she was pretty helpful and is recommending some therapy but also a fit for duty...
  11. 138MISFIT


    I got my proposed ratings letter from the VA. Originally my case went historical then a new claim appeared under open claims(normal from what I've read). However, My "Historical" claim has disappeared!! WTH!! Any ideas??
  12. H

    FPEB Pending Decision Approval?

    I’ve been looking on this forum for quite some time now, I’ve found it helpful during this stressful process. On 30JAN18, my IPEB appeal package was submitted. After reading about ebenefits (on here) I decided to check mine on 02FEB18. I wasn’t expecting to see much because I was just found fit...
  13. B

    Spine - My Timeline

    Hey everyone here is my timeline so far. Navy active duty 8 years in. Two referred conditions DDD and Knee Osteoarthritis. 7 other conditions on the VA side. 13FEB17 C4 - C7 Decompression and Spinal Fusion. 21NOV17 MEB Referral submitted. 21NOV17 Met with PEBLO. 23NOV17 Briefing with VA...
  14. K


    BLUF: I had a spinal fusion (L5-S1) in March 2017 and have been recommended for PEB by surgeon and PCM on three separate occasions (June 2017, September 2017, October 2017) each time the convening authority has rejected it by taking no action and refusing to sign. I have been unable to...
  15. M

    Preparation for FPEB

    Initially put on LIMDU June 10, 2016 for “Paresthesia”. IDES initiated December 2016 when my Neurologist determined a second LIMDU period would not benefit me. Referred conditions by my Neurologist include Small Fiber Neuropathy, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and Migraines...
  16. Z

    Possible EAOS extension and no definitive answers.

    Hello all, I am currently having an issue finding out if my EAOS will change as a result of my third LIMDU starting. I was due to separate (not medically just end of 4 years) on 30SEP17 and I recently had a second surgery for my knee (late June). I was initially told I would have to extend and...
  17. E

    Bipolar II and Generalized Anxiety Disorders

    Good morning all, I submitted another question in another forum that I'll probably slip into this one as well, but my question for this board is, who all has experience with these two diagnosis and a med board for them? How are they typically rated? Are they usually fit or unfit for duty? Also...
  18. M

    PEB for seizure

    Hey, I am trying to get some information because right now I am going through the PEB process. I was referred because I had one seizure where I lost consciousness, I haven't had any more but the nuerologist referred me after the first one. I am currently on keppra 2x a day. What are my chances...
  19. W

    Almost done (My Case Timeline)

    Hey everyone, been following the forum for a little while and I understand how frustrating and awful the entire MEB/PEB process is. I just created an account for the sole purpose of listing my entire timeline, in hopes that it will help someone. Please feel free to ask any questions. The first...
  20. E


    Hello I am currently 67 days out from my terminal leave and 78 days from EAOS. My command has brought to my attention today that I have had 3 med waivers for my PRT in the last four years and that they may have to med board me. I do not wish for this to happen as i am getting out so soon and...
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