1. L

    UC with inflammatory arthritis MEB/PEB

    I am a member of the nat’l guard with about 10 years of service. I was diagnosed about a year ago with moderate to severe universal ulcerative colitis with inflammatory arthritis secondary to the UC. I’ve been lucky and responded well to Imuran and Humira. I am meeting with our State Surgeon...
  2. aliceaje

    So Conflicting EMG Exams on Referred condition... Reassure me please.

    Ok, so did me PSO C&P this past Mon, and did my PHY C&P this morning. During this morning's exam, as she was going through the various statements by doctors, profiles, etc, she noted that a military doctor at BAMC gave me a EMG that came back normal, which contradicted my primary Neurologists'...
  3. T


    I am going through the IDES process here on Bragg. I signed my NARSUM 13 June 2019 and it was sent up 14 June 2019. Anyone been through the process that can tell me what to expect next and about when to expect it? Or can you share your timelines so I can get an estimate? My wife is due 14...
  4. T

    Genetic diseases

    Hello everyone, Active duty Marine here. I have recently been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) which is a genetic disease. There is a vast range of severity for this disease, and I am on the low end, but nevertheless it makes me undeployable. So assuming they push me out, does anyone have...
  5. aliceaje

    3 Attept at MEB initiation

    So I have been dealing with diagnosed tremors (orthostatic, and essential), and polyneuropathy. Over the course of nearly 2 years, since the time of the diagnosis, I have had 2 MEB packets sent up, both denied withing 2 weeks. So now, we just did an NTC rotation, and I noticed the symptoms...
  6. C


    What can I do if something in my MH records isn't correct? My MH provider said I had suicide ideation as a kid and took OTC meds to try to kill myself... What do I do and how do I go about it?
  7. C


    What can I do if something in my MH records isn't correct? My MH provider said I had suicide ideation as a kid and took OTC meds to try to kill myself... What do I do and how do I go about it?
  8. B

    Is there a way to expedite the PEB process

    Hello, I am active duty Army. My MEB packet was sent to the PEB a few weeks ago. I received a memorandum stating that I was unfit for 1 of my conditions that did not meet retention in the MEB phase. I was wondering, is there a way I can expedite the PEB process. The reason for this is because I...
  9. jquinn

    MEB/NARSUM Questions

    Hi! New to the forum and seeking some information and guidance. I'm AD Air Force and have just had my MEB process started for a medical situation that happened to me in 2018! Some background info: -Seizure episode x2 with in patient hospital stay now being managed with medication and followed...
  10. B

    NARSUM is Getting Changed. Please Help!

    A little background of me. I was initiated for a MEB Jan 2019. At my current state in IDES, I want to get out of the military. I finished my MEB appointments Mar 2019. I received back my NARSUM and DA3947 a few weeks after completing my appointments. On the last day out of the 5 day appeal...
  11. C

    Overseas MEB? Help please

    I am stationed in Japan but in California for mental health treatment but my question is if I go back to Japan once "stabilized" can I continue my MEB there? I've been told yes and no im very confused. Thank you to anyone!
  12. Pricegoudaprice

    Does anyone have experience with a changed diagnosis?

    Good evening, I'm kind of at a loss of what steps to take. I had a diagnosis of MDD for months as I have had symptoms for a length of time. I checked online and without meeting with me or talking about it, my psychiatrist changed my diagnosis to Adjustment Disorder, mixed depression and...
  13. E

    Issued a Chapter 5-17 now what?

    I have been dealing with sleep issues for over 10 months now. My PCM has prescribed me 4 different medicines that have helped me fall asleep but I still wake up about 3 hours later. I go back to sleep but wake up approximately every 30 min randomly until it’s time to get up for the day. I am on...
  14. I

    PEB for MST

    Hey guys so I’m an m day solder in the Guard whose being separated for PTSD.. the assault happened in 2014 but I didn’t actually loose it until 2018.. I was performing exceptionally in my Civilian and military obligations / getting ready to pick up my 3rd MOS and couldn’t do it anymore.. was...
  15. R

    Possible Error in Medical Retirement.

    Hi, everyone. I am new here, but I have a few questions regarding a situation. It is kind of complicated, so please bear with me on explaining a few of the details. I joined the Marine Corps in 2010 and in the winter of 2012, I became depressed due to work and relationship reasons (I found out...
  16. RichDaniel

    Andersen AFB, Guam - Tripler Timeline

    Referred conditions: 1. Lumbar degenerative disc disease, degenerative arthritis/spondylosis/facet arthrosis, spinal canal stenosis with L4-L5 disc abutting the traversing bilateral L5 nerve roots, and L5-S1 disc protrusion that abuts the traversing left S1 nerve root. 2. Left L5 and S1...
  17. D

    CRSC and Hazardous Duty

    All, I was just made aware through a prior colleague of mine that CRSC isn't restricted to Combative Theater sustained injuries; special operations and hazardous duty qualifies as well. I am mid-stride in MEB/PEB process currently and, like many, I am seeking to maximize the financial position...
  18. A

    Class Action Law Suit

    Is there anyone here that is willing to be included and help to start a Class Action Law Suit against the DOD, USAF, Army ext to include active duty and reserve component members that have been denied their legal rights under the corrupt medical board system. With the vast number of people on...
  19. J

    Ortho denying me medboard and 2nd limdu

    So a couple of weeks ago I was coming close to my first period of limdu expiration. I have scoliosis, rotated spine, 3 almost dead disks, a torn ligament in my spine, and degenerative disk disease. I got told by my orthodontist that he didn’t see surgery as necessary and I denied injections...
  20. J

    Timeline Question:

    20 Dec 2018 - Medical board case has been referred to the PEB for action on MOL 4 Mar 2019 - Package signed and sent to PEB Does this mean I was already found unfit? If not, how long will it take to find out?
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