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  1. P

    Navy / USMC

    Try to stay positive my fellow Navy and USMC stuck waiting. It sucks but we're in it together. What is the most recent PEB submission you guys have heard?
  2. C


    For the past few years I have been seen for "general anxiety disorder." After having a mental breakdown I decided enough was enough and I finally took the time to write down everything that was going on and what my stresses were. I presented this paper to my therapist and was then correctly...
  3. P

    Timeline for findings

    If I sent my package to the IPEB on April 19 but it was accepted by the IPEB on May 3 do I count from the day it was sent or the day it was accepted? I've been confused on this. Thank you for any info you can provide!
  4. C

    Podcast started on key takeaways from Fit for duty - MEB - PEB - Medical Retirement - CRSC - SSDI - Diagnosis - Treatments - Resources

    Hello, I have just started a podcast going over some basics and key takeaways from my journey 2 years ago. It’s on Spotify now Warrior Research Society and I have posted documents on The Patreon stuff is all public so it is free to copy and paste or read...
  5. Jalalabadbad

    MEB doctor's shoulder assessment doesn't match up with VA C&P Exam. What can I expect for my DoD rating?

    Background: I had a shoulder injury while PT'ing at work in February 2019 that finally progressed to LIMDU on 30DEC19, surgery in July 2020, and Medboard referral in March 2021. I was already in the BDD program so I had my C&P exams a few weeks before I was referred to a Medboard. The results...
  6. R

    PDRL VA Percentage

    Hello I was recently placed on Pdrl and my ebenefits is acting a little weird it says that I have to open claims which those were the initial claims that got me on a peb. My question is is it normal or are they going to decrease my va rating? Thank you all
  7. I

    AFPC Medical Clarification

    Hello, I signed my 618 on the 25th of June, and I got a call from my PEBLO on the 16th of July stating that AFPC sent one of my claims back to the VA for "clarification." QTC then sent me a letter stating that on the 30th of July, an independent medical panel will discuss my claim. Does anyone...
  8. V

    USMC Appendix J in Conjunction with IDES

    I’m over 20 and been in the PEB for 60 days. I have completed my capstone and have been reassured that my condition is unfitting. Can I submit my appendix J while awaiting the final days of the PEB or will that interfere with the VA/DOD/ect. I would put the request in for 6 months from now and...
  9. J

    My Timeline

    Good afternoon, Here is my timeline for the IDES process with 2 referred conditions. I started almost exactly when everything shut down for COVID and it seemed for awhile my case was always at the bottom of the pile because I have seen dozens of servicemembers pass me both on here and at my...
  10. L

    Dual Action Timeline

    Hi, dual action case here. My MEB was initiated 20 APR 2020 and my chapter was initiated in JUL 2020. My MEB was started for PTSD due to MST and my chapter was for use of illegal substances (yes i know i did bad things keep your lecture to yourself). I finished all my VA C&P appts in Sep 2020...
  11. J

    Timeline Post

    ALCON, Thanks to everyone on this forum. I’d like to throw my hat in the ring, and post my timeline. Pre MEB/PEB: 9/2019- I checked myself into Balboa ER for a severe headache lasting 4 days and wasn’t getting better, even w/ otc meds. They ran a CT scan and found a tumor in my skull. Tumor...
  12. P

    Fit / Unfit Finding

    Thank you for the feedback in my previous post - I may not have worded my question correctly. I read on an old post from March of 2020 that, "when you see 2 claims on one closed and one opened this means the VA has finished your proposed ratings which basically means you were found...
  13. L

    Hurry up and wait?

    Hello everyone! I’ve been reading forums on this page for a while now and finally decided to make an account to post my timeline and some concerns I have. Nov 2020- MEB initiated Jan 2021- Exams Complete March 16- Got Narsum (IMR) March 31- Signed updated Narsum and sent to PEB. Now my...
  14. A

    Migraine Ratings

    So I’m a little confused . I’ve been seeing a neurologist for Migraines for 2 years and on a permanent profile and adjusted work schedule because of them . I miss work once a week because of them . It’s documented in my commanders statement as well as medical records . I just received my Narsum...
  15. S

    I am lost in the sauce - Timeline? Help? Something... PEBLO...

    Hey y'all. I am a prior service guy (10THMTN 2012-2015) who came back to Active Duty in late 2019 which in hindsight was against my better judgement. During training this past summer in Hell Paso, I suffered a form of a heat stroke and was not MEDEVAC'd for 2+ hours, while seizing, vomiting...
  16. P

    Lessons Learned / Resources

    I wanted to provide some lessons learned and resources to those going through the IDES process to either make their transition a bit easier or facilitate resolutions to some common issues that arise during the process. 1) Career Readiness: If you don’t know what Operation Warfighter is, you...
  17. A

    Is it okay to upload additional evidence to my Claims if I'm on a Med Board?

    If I'm on a Med Board, is it okay to upload additional evidence on eBenefits for my claims? I was wanting to highlight relevant diagnoses and injuries in my med records, then upload them so the VA Rater would have an easier time finding everything. Would this be okay or could it mess up my Med...
  18. P

    Preliminary Ratings?

    Good Afternoon Everybody, I’m a new user but have been reading these forums religiously since starting my medboard process back in September. I’ve seen countless people on here discuss getting their preliminary ratings well before getting their 199. However, I’ve been told by both my MSC and...
  19. D

    Navy IDES timeline

    Been in the navy for 4 years and have been going through a medboard for the past 5 months or so. I signed my NARSUM a month ago and it was received about 3 weeks ago. From everything I’ve been told, my odds of staying in are slim due to my diagnosis (bipolar II), the severity of my symptoms, my...
  20. S

    (USMC) 3rd Period of LIMDU for same injury. MO doesn't want to put me on a MEB.

    Good morning Ladies and Gents, I come seeking guidance. Background: I'm an Infantry Sgt with almost 8 years TIS. In 2017-2018 I was on two periods of LIMDU for low back pain (degenerative L5-S1 disc) and hip pain (labral tear). While on LIMDU I had a hip arthroscopy to repair the labral tear...