1. T

    PEB formal boards postponed due to Covid-19?

    My PEBLO has informed me that they are currently not hearing any formal boards because of Covid-19. Anyone else confirm this? FYI was rated 70 VA and 0 DOD and was in the process of waiting for an appeal. Thanks for the info in advance.
  2. R

    C&P exam procedures changed?

    Have a question for some of you folks on here that are past or rather recently completed the IDES C&P exams at the VA. Is there a new way of conducting ROM tests? My examiner did it “hands on” and via line of sight. Is this the norm for those of you that have gone through it recently? I was...
  3. A

    VA Rating Step is delayed by 62 Days already !!!! Need Advice Please...

    I was referred to MEB in Oct 2019. VA Claim was filled on the 07th of Oct 2019. I got my unfit memo dated 10th Dec 2019. As of today (25th Feb 2020), I literally have no clue what is holding my VA Ratings. I have not recieved my 199 yet obviously. Spoke to my PEBLO, he said, he has no clue whats...
  4. M

    PTSD IDES Timeline at NMC Portsmouth

    Hi everyone, I've been reading the forums for awhile and I figured I should post my timeline to help others who have started this process. 02JAN19- Put on LIMDU for PTSD MAY19- Provider recommended MEB My provider was a contractor/civilian who just began working with Navy medicine and I was...
  5. B

    IDES-Decision Letter Questions

    February 2019- Diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis March 2019- Permanent LIMDU with "no functional limitations" for non-deployment due to prescribed immunosuppressant Humira May 2019- Med Board initiated, inducted into IDES August 6, 2019- First round of C&P exams, VA Status: "Claim Received"...
  6. C


    Hello all, I just wanted to share my timeline with you all to hopefully share some info with you guys. 05/31/2019- Diagnosed with TBI and Migraines. 12/5/2019- PCM referred me for a MEB 12/18/2019- All signatures acquired for P3 profile. 12/23/2019- referral stage completed. 12/27/2019- VA...
  7. OverRun

    Active Duty (21 Years) Need some help on MEB

    Hello everyone. Looking for some insight on my latest and greatest. I've been diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder with Anxiety and Depression. I'm currently in therapy (EMDR) and taking two types of anti-depressants (SSRIs). I've been placed on profile and removed from my AFSC (Member is...
  8. S

    Being referred to MEB for chronic migraines

    Hey everyone, I posted about my situation a while back, but I have more questions. I have been seeking treatment for migraines for about a year now to no avail. I have tried Botox, occipital nerve blocks, and a variety of meds with nothing working. I have 15-20 migraines a month, with about 4-5...
  9. 3

    Additional disability

    Hi everyone, I hope I have a simple question. At what point will I add additional injuries/disabilities to be rated? Will this be at the initial MEB package submission or will this be done during the VA exam or later? Thank you in advance everyone
  10. P

    MEB Possibility?

    Hey all, I’ve been in roughly two years now as an O and I was injured a little around or more than a year ago while doing my job. Since then I’ve been prescribed a couple of different muscle relaxers and anti inflammatories for a bulging L5/S1 in my back that is causing sciatic nerve pain all...
  11. K

    Nov. 26th Deadline to reply to NARSUM: Please help!

    Will PEB find a condition service connected, if it is already rated with the VA? Husband is going through MEB, with National Guard. He has a 20 year letter and has 18 years as a Federal Technician. He currently has a 90% VA rating. He has been going through MEB for his knees (both 10% rated...
  12. S

    Recommended For Med Board After Psychological Evaluation

    Good afternoon everyone, I am currently active duty Army and have been in for 4 years. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder earlier this year along with anxiety and depression (which to my understanding were all categorized under bipolar disorder). Today I had my psychological exam and was...
  13. G

    MEB for Ulcerative Colitis - Should I wait to say anything until promotion?

    Good evening. I've been in the Army going on 10 years and was hoping to get promoted before an MEB was initiated on me. I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Pancolitis since Summer 2018 while I was PCSing to my next duty station. While on PCS leave I developed Pancreatitis from complications...
  14. S

    How do additional disabilities get added to PEB

    So I am more than likely going to be referred to a PEB here soon for chronic migraines. With that said, it looks like if my case gets sent to a PEB they will evaluate more than just what I’m being boarded for. Is this correct? I also have sleep apnea (with CPAP), depression, and anxiety. What is...
  15. S

    Have any Marines been found unfit for chronic Migraines?

    Ok guys I’m about 1-2 months from my dr referring me to a PEB if the current round of migraine treatments don’t work. At the moment I am taking propranolol, sumatriptan, receiving Botox, and receiving occipital nerve blocks. I have been having these for the past year and my doctor said what...
  16. S

    Can you be referred to a PEB because of adverse side effects of meds?

    I posted a slightly longer version of this elsewhere, but thought the length might have scared people off. Basically my migraine meds might work, but I gained a lot of weight and can’t meet pt standards due to shortness of breath with even the slightest it of running. Am I still looking at a PEB?
  17. MattCollins7

    MEB/PEB Timeline YouTube channel?!

    This is something I have been contemplating for some time now but I figured I would get ya'lls take on it before I pulled the trigger. Something I have struggled to find, outside of this forum, was video based content on the process that is MEB/PEB's. I've been considering starting a YouTube...
  18. J

    CSRC computation?

    Just received my ratings which were 60% VA and 50% DoD. All 50% from DoD is combat connected. I was told by my peblo and given all the information to apply for CSRC once I finish terminal leave. My question is I can’t seem to figure out how to calculate it or figure how much it’ll be. My VA is...
  19. Bull

    PEB Findings

    My husband was medically retired on 01/2014 with a permanent physical disability and a rating of 50%. My husband occurred a back injury while deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom . He was injured while carrying a 50 Cal, wearing his Kevlar and helmet. This injury also caused him to have...
  20. S

    LDES Timeline USMC - Camp Pendleton

    Hey guys, I was hoping to get some info from anyone who has gone through or is currently going through the LDES process. I got med boarded for 2 major disk herniations with severe sciatica and numbness in the bottom of my foot. PEB received my documents on July 24. I kept calling my peblo to ask...
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