1. R

    DA FORM 4856 promotion offer during med board process.

    Hi I just got my first promotion offer from E4 to E5, 74D. I'm National Guard. Active duty (Medical board JBLM) finished QTC waiting for NARSUM. I've been in five years never been promoted. I want to take this offer as I deserve it, I've done everything I was assigned these 5 years. Never a red...
  2. N

    19 yr Reservist; potential PDQ & how to make 20

    I'm a reserve officer with 19 good years, 10.5 on active duty. I went to a medical retention board 10 years ago for a non service-related condition that seemed to clear up and hadn't given trouble till recently. I was cleared for worldwide deployment and mobilized a few years ago just fine...
  3. C

    Federal employment after seperation

    Not sure if this is the best place to post this but I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I was told at one point during my MEB that I need to be careful with federal employment if I am medically retired from the military. I was going through a lot at the time and didn't...
  4. K

    Med Retirement or Regular

    I recently completed my PEB, awarded 70% DOD, 100%VA P&T, and approved for PLD out to my 20 year mark. My question is should I accept a Medical retirement at 20 years (TDRL) or request the waiver & apply for a regular on the same date? Does it make a difference? Appreciate the community...
  5. R


    Hello, I was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and will likely have an MEB. I can still perform my duties as assigned and PT tests, etc. I am a bit over 19 years. Is it best that I apply for retirement before everything becomes official or wait and see how this plays out? Thanks.
  6. A

    Disposable income Medical Retirement CDRP

    Good afternoon, I am trying to understand what the Army considers disposable income as far as Divorce division is concerned. Here’s my situation I am divorced and during the divorce my ex was granted $400 per month of my retirement. I fought it to no success because she was cheating while I was...
  7. P

    Retirement vs severance choice

    Currently an O2E with 10 years looking at 20 or 30% dod, 80 VA. My issue is borderline at 20 or 30%, if I get 20% I would get 100k severance. I have a federal GS9 job lined up so I'm not worried about the insurance benifits, would it be better to get the retirement or the severance?
  8. T


    I served 5 years active duty at ft hood and did two tours to Afghanistan. I have been blown up and have a blown disc (been issued a back brace and medication) have very bad PTSD and have panic attack multiple times a week.been diagnosed with a serious depression and anxiety. I switch to the...
  9. B

    What if I do not clear my unit/installation by my retirement date?

    I received my orders to clear and retire due to permanent disability from the army on December 10. Several months ago I had equipment stolen from me and I just started a Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss (FLIPL). My leadership told me that I will not be leaving or going anywhere...
  10. C

    Retirement Orders

    What is typically the timeline to receive your retirement orders? I was placed on PDRL and signed my 199 almost two weeks ago. My PEBLO has kept me in the dark during this whole process and it's been really frustrating. Is there anywhere I can check to see what the status is? I really need to...
  11. TDWilliams

    Last stages of PDBR??

    I just got an email from the PDBR stating this: We have updated your new address. Your case has met the board and is awaiting Service review. Cases are currently taking 24 months. Respectfully, Physical Disability Board of Review Am I at the last stages, or do I still have a ways to go...
  12. G

    24 years, IDES vs LDES???

    Help! I was primed and ready to retire. Now, I'm suddenly stuck meeting an MEB instead! Does taking the LDES option have any downside in my circumstances? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Here are the details. I'm an Air Force officer in Okinawa with 24+ years on active duty. I was...
  13. C

    Temporary to permanent retirement

    I was put on tdrl at 100% and recently had another exam where they are trying to put me on permanent retirement. It is great since I don't have to go more exams. The only thing is that they have changed it from 100% to 40%. What does that change for me and my family being being changed from...
  14. catherinemedboard

    VA Disability Award Letter? Payment question!

    So i medically retired 22Jun17 and I did not receive my check for the first of july which was expected. However, when I called the VA to see when I will start getting paid, they did say i have to wait for my Disability award letter to come in the mail. Then i can submit that to the registration...
  15. A

    AF Medical Retirement

    I have a quick question... So my husband is being medically retired from the AF (over 17 years active duty) and we were speaking to a family friend about the compensation portion. This person was medically retired from the Army after ten years of active duty service, and receives retirement...
  16. Y

    Tricare Benefits if 100% TDRL rating is reduced to lower PDRL rating

    I currently am rated 100% by the VA and 100% for TDRL, but I fear that my lack of treatment compliance with regular doctor visits in the last two years will almost certainly reduce my PDRL rating substantially, if they even deem me worthy of PDRL status at all. Accordingly, I have three...
  17. L

    VARR question

    Hi all. Sorry if this is a sort of silly question. I think I know the answer but I want to verify. If you request a VARR, and the VA accepts it and agrees to increase your percentage, does that mean your DOD percentage will automatically increase too for that referred condition? I did a VARR for...
  18. A

    Can I apply for TERA while going through an MEB?

    Hello everyone. First, thank you ahead of time for the help! I have been in the Air Force for almost 17 1/2 years now. I am going through an MEB for my back and was just offered 20% disability for my back and a medical separation including 80% VA disability. I am going to appeal to the formal...
  19. M

    USAR and medical retirement options

    I left the Active Army and went into the Army Reserve last fall and was just recently rated 100% disabled by the VA. I have a total of about 12 and a half years of active duty time (22 years total service - active and reserve combined) and it was suggested to me that I should have pursued...
  20. S

    Changing from Honorable to Medically Retired

    Good Evening, This may be the wrong forum, but I could not find one that really fit my question. I attempted to go through the MEB process in 2013 prior to separation from the Army in 2014. I was away from an Army base and seeing Air Force physicians. My PCM recommended me for the MEB, but I...
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