tdrl to pdrl

  1. AWSguy

    VA Rating and TDRL expiration

    Hey guys, so ive read a few threads on here trying to gather more information but still have a couple questions. I got put on the TDRL in April of 2018, so my time limit on TDRL is 3 years. 100% DOD rating and 100% VA. Neither are P&T. I have already checked to make sure that my phone number and...
  2. V

    Question about P&T (VA)

    Thank you all in advance. Six months ago I’ve finished my re-evaluation exam. My disability rating was 30% DoD and 100% VA. I was on TDRL and now moved to PDRL. Although my DOD rating is now permanent, the VA rating still showing temporary. What can I do to make my 100% VA rating P&T?
  3. J

    Navy Tdlr to Pdrl Questions

    Good afternoon everyone, I was put on Tdrl from the Navy for a knee injury that occurred before I joined and to make matters short,I pretty much shouldn't of been able to join the Navy. I've been out for about and year and I was wondering what everyone's experience was waiting for their...
  4. A

    PDRL backpay

    Quick question cant seem to find simple answer to in search... TDRL at 50% for 4 years finally moved to PDRL at 70%. For a single diagnosis. Should I expect back pay for the 20% dispairty over last 4 years? Thanks in advance
  5. djkarmoso


    Just to inform all folks out there! If you were placed on the TDRL prior to January 1, 2017 may remain on the TDRL for up to five years, providing your condition does not change during that time. If you were placed on the TDRL on or after January 1, 2017, you will remain on that list for up to...
  6. NavyVeteran

    TDRL Final PEB Findings

    I called the PEB office in DC and was told my findings were mailed out to the Pentagon and then onward to me. I been waiting quite a while and still have not received anything yet. Does anyone know how else I can find an updated status on my findings? I checked on Ebenefits but no luck there, I...
  7. Y

    Tricare Benefits if 100% TDRL rating is reduced to lower PDRL rating

    I currently am rated 100% by the VA and 100% for TDRL, but I fear that my lack of treatment compliance with regular doctor visits in the last two years will almost certainly reduce my PDRL rating substantially, if they even deem me worthy of PDRL status at all. Accordingly, I have three...
  8. L

    TDRL for 10yrs without ever doing the 18mo or 5yr examination

    I was placed on TDRL from the Navy in November of 2006. I was rated 30% by the military and 60% by the VA. I was on TDRL for the first 5 years and then it suddenly stopped and my Tricare cut out too. I never got a phone call or any mail to tell me to schedule an appointment for the 18mo...
  9. J

    Resubmit your MEB

    Evening everyone, Well just two weeks ago I was informed that my MEB packet was never processed, and due process was not done. I spoke with a gentleman from HRC stating that in DEC 2016 there was some communication about my status, and the HRC command had not received any of such orders saying...
  10. H

    Still on TDRL waiting for the VA Letter

    Hello, I went through the MEB process and got out in September 2015. Army 30% and VA 100%. My question is I called the VA and found out I'm still on the TDRL. I haven't received the letter for the reeval yet. The TDRL are for Right shoulder and hip strain. I only been to the VA once since I'm...
  11. F

    End of five years on TDRL

    i've been on TDRL five years and I'm going to go to my first appointment. my brain injury has got much better and I am concerned that my disability pay will lower. Is this something that I should hire a lawyer to make sure that I will be taking care of.
  12. S

    TDRL to PDLR question

    Hi Everyone! My situation: I have 18 yrs of active service in the Army. I am have been told by my doc that I've met MDRP and will be submitted to the med-board process. I know that based on my condition that I'll most likely be placed on the TDRL (PTSD, TBI, Cognitive Disorder/Memory, &...
  13. A

    Air Reserve Technician loss of dual status

    I wanted to post what I went thru as Air Reserve Technician on flying status who went thru MEB process recently and was Medically retired due to PTSD. I have 17 years ART/47 years old and 28 years reserves military in points it equals about 11years AD. When this happened to me - it seemed that...
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