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That actually might have been something I posted. Last time I checked in with my PEBLO I mentioned that I saw the PEB had finally increased its manning and he basically just said don't believe anything I see online.

I took it to mean that he was saying as my PEBLO, he should be my only source of information. But he's been pretty worthless this whole time, and that rumor about increased manning came from something that someone on here heard from their PEBLO, so I'm pretty inclined to believe most of the stuff I read on this forum.

But anyways, I'm currently at 133 days at PEB/96 days at medical officer
Submitted on May 10, 2021. Been with the medical officer for about 114 days. This is horrible, there is no accountability, no clarity, no updates nothing it just feels like a hopeless situation and it's really been wearing me down mentally. No to mention the VA lowballed me but I'm so tired of being here like this I don't plan to argue it just so I can get out and get better help and out of this toxic environment.