va benefits

  1. 3

    Entitled to VA benefits?

    Quick question for anyone who may know the answer. If I get diagnosed with meniere's disease while on active duty, do I qualify to start MEB and receive VA benefits? Or does it have to be combat related? Do I need to prove the disease was somehow caused by me being in the military? Or just being...
  2. RichDaniel

    Mental Health C&P Appt

    I conducted a C&P appointment for my anxiety claim last Friday. I was seen a few years back for stress about four times. My doctor diagnosed me with anxiety disorder. I was prescribed Xanax, but I did not like it. He then prescribed Zoloft. I didn't like that either. In total, I believe I was on...
  3. R

    Honorable discharge change to medically retired

    I have question in regard to changing my honorable discharge to medically retired. I’m not even sure if this is possible, but as the main reason I left the army was for medical reasons I believe that it’s worth a shot. I currently receive 70% rating from the VA from service connected injuries...
  4. A

    What now...

    My husband (17 years AD - stationed in Korea currently) got called in today to see his PEBLO got told he's being placed on TDRL, VA rating of 90%, AF rating of 80%. He was told to take it and run, signed the papers and now we're kind of wondering where it goes from here and what this means -...
  5. 1

    Confused about separation on the last day of the month and VA pay

    My husband will be signing a counseling letter from his command that states: I UNDERSTAND THAT SHOULD I ELECT TO BE SEPARATED ON THE LAST DAY OF THE MONTH THIS DECISION WILL RESULT IN THE LOSS OF ONE MONTH OF VETERAN'S DISABILITY BENEFITS AND PAYMENTS. What is the relationship between...
  6. S

    Timeline for VA

    I was just wondering if anyone had any idea on the process the VA takes when doing ratings. My case has been at the VA for about 40 days now and about 7 days ago my claim had movement. I contacted the VA and they said they had finished my proposed ratings and sent them to the PEB. But I...
  7. U

    National Guard Federal Technician

    I am member of the NG (17 years) and a FedTech. I am also 100% SC P&T by the VA. I was found unfit by the Army with an LOD and have to make a choice on how to proceed, either MEB or Retired Reserves. I do not want to go through the VA ratings again so I am thinking about choosing Retired...
  8. catherinemedboard

    VA Disability Award Letter? Payment question!

    So i medically retired 22Jun17 and I did not receive my check for the first of july which was expected. However, when I called the VA to see when I will start getting paid, they did say i have to wait for my Disability award letter to come in the mail. Then i can submit that to the registration...
  9. S

    Retired from Reserve and VA compensation

    Hoping someone can tell me if this is anything to worry about or if I understand right. I filed my first VA claim in early April 2016 about 3 weeks before I retired on 30 April. I am retired awaiting pay at age 60 status. Gray area. in August, I was awarded a rating of 20 percent, which I...
  10. L

    Please help me

    The PEB first rated me 30% for my back but when the breakdown on VA side didn't match the PEB lowered it and made it 30%. I got hit by a car on base while walking I've been dealing with non stop back pain for 3 years I've had 2 back surgeries all while on active duty. My overall percentage...
  11. L


    Hello quick question I got my findings today but they had to send it back because I had two different ratings for the same injury. I was wondering has this happen to anyone and what could the outcome be? PEB said 30% and Va said 20% but overall VA is giving me 80%
  12. B

    VA ratings says complete on IDES dashboard?

    I have seen and heard that you can contact the VA and see what ratings you got? My Peblo keeps telling me there is no update "for the last 2 months" but it says the VA ratings was complete 7 days ago. Can I see what ratings I got?
  13. L


    Ok so this is confusing. I get va pay and also crsc for 70% but put in a reconsideration form and approved for 90% for crsc now with that being said. My retirement pay from the army would have been 1,438 but did the va waiver. Right now for ge crsc 70% I get $643. I was told since I only did 11...
  14. S

    State orders va comp???

    My husband was just awarded 40% for mental and wrist. He is still in the la national guard, in August he was on state orders for the flood for a few weeks. I know that you have to waive either va pay or drill pay because you can't be paid both. But state orders aren't federal pay so would he...
  15. K

    "Pending Decision Approval" back to "Hathering Evidence"?

    I started the MEB process on March 31st and my claims went to VA almost 2 months ago. I've been checking EBenefits for updates and it just recently went from "Pending Decision Approval" back to "Gathering Evidence". Is there something wrong or does that mean it has gone back to the PEB?
  16. A

    Confused about retirement/VA pay

    I keep hearing conflicting information about disability pay. Since I'm going to be permanently retired, do I get my VA paycheck AND a disability paycheck+retirement benefits or just the VA paycheck with the retirement benefits?
  17. Navy_Pride

    NMCSD M.E.B.

    Hello Everyone. I have been following all these forum's for some time, anticipating the inevitable of going up for a Med Board. A little History about my situation. I am an E-6 with over 13 years Active Duty. I joined the Navy in June 2003. In 2006 I started to have mild back pain. To make a...
  18. Spooky731

    Recently Medically Retired... Now What?

    As of 28NOV15, I have been medically retired from the AF for a diagnosis of MS. I have so many concerns that I find it difficult for my mind to settle on one thing at a time. First, I was given a DoD rating of 30%/VA Proposed rating of 80%. eBenifits had stated that my rating has been "Pending...
  19. M

    Getting out with a family

    Hello, I am new to the forum and am at the start of my PEB in the navy. I have been in the navy for 10 years. I plan on being discharged but I am unsure of what type of rating I will receive from the VA. I will complete the remainder of my C&P exams today. My wife has been stressing out due to...
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